How to create an outstanding profile

Customers are looking for experienced and trusted professionals. Your profile is where you show them that you're the one for organizing their perfect holidays.

As the customers’ requests are selected based on your specialization (type of holidays/activities and destinations), be sure to be exhaustive. The more detailed you are, the better your chances will be to arouse customers’ interest. Build trust by adding client reviews.

To create your profile, click on the button “Sign up now and grow your business”

How to access Customer's requests

Customers describe their project through a detailed questionnaire.

Once done, our algorithm, “Tripex”, analyzes their request and send the ones that best match your expertise. We review every customer request to ensure it's legitimate.

For every match, an email is sent with a link to access the details of the request. You can also access the matching requests from you personalized dashboard on the client requests page.

How to purchase credits

Hoolyz is a pay per offer system where you buy credits and use them to send an offer to customers. “Pay-per-offer” means you only pay when you’ve decided to send your offer, so there are not registration fees and we don’t charge commission on the “travel deal”.

Each credit costs $1.00 or less with discounts on Credit packs. You use credits each time you send an offer. The number of credits depends on the customer budget travel. You’ll see the number of credits required on the customer request.

If you run out of credits when you send your offer, you’ll be prompted to purchase credits. You can pay credits with a credit card or through PayPal.

How to make a compelling offer

Offer an original perspective that the customer might not have considered before and that makes him dream

For a compelling offer, be creative and personalize your offer as much as possible. Once you received the client request, you have max 4/5 days to reply.

Consider customer profile and expectations. Be sure to address any desires the customer raised and respond to their specific needs. Set a competitive price and be clear on what your budget includes. Don’t forget that Hooly’s customers look for experiences only made for them! Finally, pay attention to the small things: designation of the place, activity, personalized comment/description for hotel, place or activity

To make an offer, click on the link directly on the notification email or go to your customers’ requests page.

After opening the request, you'll see the customer’s information next to where you’ll write your offer so you can easily personalize as you write. We provide you with a template to save time and be sure not to forget important information. When your offer is ready, click on Send.

What is the information disclosed?

We want to protect your expertise and highlight the time you spent to build up the offer. For this reason, Hoolyz will never display the full description.

Only pre-defined information is disclosed to the customers, such as the general localization, the type of hotel, the type of activity, your comments, etc..

In the template, the information shared with the customer is indicated with an asterisk.

What happens when your offer is selected?

The customer compares offers and decides who to contact. You and the customer work out the details through Hoolyz, over the phone, or in person.

When you’ve signed, please let us know and improve your chances of winning your next customer! The number of deals signed helps you get a better ranking in Tripex.


Maximize your chances

Reply as soon as possible and don’t wait too long. Read carefully customer request to propose a customized experience. Be creative!

Your feedback

Is important for us to be aligned with your expectations! So when you’ve received a customer request that does not match your target, please tell us why. Do not hesitate to use our “ideas box” for any suggestion.

Cumulate advantages

The more you are selected by the clients, the more advantages you will receive (promotional offers, better ranking in Tripex...)